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Brand assessment

Like health check, the brand assessment is the key to find the critical issues of your brand and prioritize the actions of the branding process. The assessment usually is conducted the form of questionnaires, interview or research. Through the assessment, we can understand the current status of the company, product, and service and throw the key findings into the branding workshop/meeting for the further discussion.

Consensus workshop

Consensus workshop is a powerful and important activity of the branding process. It shows the commitment of the high-level management and allows the different position of staffs to participate the changing or building the brand.It also functions the role of delivering the vision and strategic goal of the brand.


Implementation stage combines tons of internal and external activities for actualizing the brand strategy into actions. Some of the activities need to include the outsider-professions to complete such as designer, writer, photographer, filmmaker, software programmer...etc, it also involves cross-function department to own various projects and help the branding process running smoothly.

Coaching and training

It usually takes six months to a year after to adopt all the changes after launching the new brand or completing the branding process. Some cases take longer if the brand will run globally. A regular-base training program of adopting the brand by your brand consultant company is definitely necessary. An experienced brand consultant will coach the team to meet the challenges and provide the solution to solve the problems.

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